Newbridge Project Space, April - May 2016  

The Regeneration Game was BAZ’s interpretation of classic Saturday entertainment The Generation Game. Exploring the seedy business of inner city regeneration, The Regeneration Game was a thrilling live game show involving four art world superstar couples, a ginger Bruce Forsyth, clever games and a conveyor belt powered by an artist on a fixed gear bike.


- Team Half-Eaten Brioche: George Vasey (Curator, NGCA) & Sophie Lisa Beresford
- Team New Fixed Gear Bike: Andrew Wilson & Toby Lloyd
(a.k.a. artist duo Lloyd-Wilson)
- Team Working Class Flat Cap: Paul Moss (Co-director, Workplace Gallery) & Cecilia Stenbom


- ‘Potato & Skins’ Round (The Street Food Round)
- The Private View Fashion Round
- The Naming Round – name the ‘The Northern Power 52’ (not an electricity company)
- The Modeling Clay Round (Can you fashion the Reuben Brothers out of clay?) 

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